Top~7 Best Adsense Alternatives 2019 for small blog/websites

By | June 28, 2019

Top~7 Best Adsense Alternatives 2019 for small blog/websites

Google adsense has been first choice for bloggers wanting to make money from their small website and blogs. But there are several reasons to look for Google Adsense alternatives. You would like to add some additional income streams. There are lots of fantastics options available for you to help you make more money online with website and blogs. Best Adsense Alternatives for website or google adsense alternatives for blogs.

Best Adsense Alternatives

Best Adsense Alternatives

Alternative names

  • Adsterra
  • Backfills
  • Easy Monetizer at
  • OIO Publisher
  • Infolinks
  • Viglink
  • Skimlinks
  • Prosperent
  • – Blogher a CPM ad network and specially monetizing blogs targeted at female audience. Advertising and also offer publishers additional opportunities such as sponsored posts and paid product review. Pay publisher 45 days after a month ends and payment by PayPal.

Adsterra a slick advertising network with ingenious ad formats and considered as best Google Adsense alternative. Known as one of the fastest growing ad network and well respected brand in online advertising space.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Small Blogs

It provide excellent solutions for both advertiser and publisher and try something different from Google. More than 10 billion + ad impression per month also cover more than 190 countries. Payment options – Webmoney, Bitcoin, PayPal, Payza, Wire transfer, Skrill, e-payment and paxum. Two payments runs per month 1-2 and 16-17.

Meridian – It’s a CPM (cost per mille) ad network and one of the best alternatives of Google adsense. Pay publishers per ad impression. It accepts When network serve an ad. You will get paid weather visitor click on ad or not. Payment details – Pay publishers on 30 days basis payment threshold is $25. Payment by check Paypal, ACH, Global, echeck, local bank transfer.

Top Adsense tools or Top Google adsense alternate options.

Top Adsense Alternative for Websites

OIO Publisher a wordpress plugin & allows you to monetize your website by managing own ads. Setup process is lengthy but easy to use. It’s a marketplace may bring you advertiser time to time. If you motivated salesperson and your blog and website attractive to advertiser. Then this tool offer so many advantages. Become one of the best adsense alternative.

Viglink If you build simple link to qualifying products on web or blog. Viglink convert into affiliate links and can earn more money. They balance relationship with merchants, in exchange or service keep commission and pay you remaining. They keep 25% or disclosed amount of earning. Cost per click ad network that also offers conversion incentives to publisher (blogger and websites). Also offers referral program which pay for referrals of both publisher as well as advertiser. Pay 30 days basis and payment by Paypal or checks.

Also check Amazon Associates, Yllix Media, PopCash, PopAds, Propeller Ads Media,

At last check Window 10 Activator Free

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