How to get rid of pubg Game ‘Addiction’ Stop pubg Playing mobile

By | August 17, 2019

How to get rid of pubg Game ‘Addiction’ Stop pubg Playing mobile

PUBG – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds an multiplayer battle royale game. Game developed by PUBG corporation, subsidiary Bluehole company (South Korean company).

Most of the people & specially teen agers/youngesters hooked with PUBG game. Kids and adults has definitely heard about this game and most of the people playing it. Over courage of participating in this multiplayer game spread over people and they holding competitions. Due to game adverse effect and so viral, that’s why some schools, cities and states banned playing game (mobile game)

Do you play PUBG Mobile game? Now a days kids have courage to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile game. It’s an entertaining game & one of the most downloaded and played game in number of the countries.  It’s a multiplayer game where player participate in war-like conflict.

How to get rid of pubg Game

Game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)
Company South Korean PUBG Corporation, Bluehole
Known as 5th most selling game
Category Mobile/PC Game App
Official link

Also they can lives to play again & again for a long time and no end to it. PUBG game is pretty addictive for youngsters.

Game attract huge criticism and have negative effect on everyone like mental stress, addiction and health issues. Company decided to launch new feature. When users (who played) for 6 hours at a stretch received notification. In which health advisory will be shown & asking to come back and play game after 24 hours. After that access of game blocked and could not play game for next twenty four hours.

How to Get Rid of PUBG Game

How to Get Rid of PUBG Game

What is PUBG addiction? Phone or game addiction are on rise and generally amongst young or teen users. Commonly it considered harmless but a serious impact on health and cause various health & mental issues. So all advised to play your game wisely. How to stop Game Addiction? or How to stop PUBG Addiction?

Common signs which indicate PUBG Addiction or mobile addiction

  • Stuck in same position for a long time, which have serious impact on health
  • He/She feeling ease or comfortable in videos rather than real life. Some time it difficult to separate the two.
  • Lying about how much time he/she spend to play game or use mobile
  • Spending money and lots of time on gaming than the necessities
  • Also think about game when away from screen.

How to Stop Playing PUBG Mobile

Game or smartphone addiction are more dangerous than any other addiction. It’s also impact on decision making skills.

If these signs & symptoms appear, don’t take this issue lightly. Game you like to play may be attract or force to level of addiction. So establish rules while you play game to help yourself. Parents also advised to supervise your ward and help your kids and play with them outdoor games.

PUBG Mobile Addiction

PUBG Mobile Addiction

Game constantly mired in demands that to be banned, It’s all due to user’s seaming inability to put game down. He/She can not deal with other things in real life. Due to addiction students results down and their performance in school consistently downwards. Some case of addiction were reported in NIMH & Neuro Sciences (National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences)

What should the Parents do to stop PUBG addiction?

  • Try to Spent more time with your ward
  • Play with them outdoor games
  • Try to handle this issue wisely not with aggression.
  • Discuss with them about difference between virtual videos & real life.
  • Make them sports oriented and help to keep your child away from phone and gaming device.
  • Discuss issues with psychiatrist and family doctor.
  • Do not use phone for a long time in front of your kids and understand your kids child psychology. For more details bookmark

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