How to Cure Sinus Pressure Points ….? Sinus Infection=>Treatment

By | July 8, 2019

How to Cure Sinus Pressure Points ~ Sinus Infection Treatment

  • What is Sinus?
  • Sinus Pressure Points
  • Read Sinus Conditions
  • Sinus Treatment
  • Tests for Sinus

What is Sinus – Sinus are connected system cavities in the skull. The largest sinus cavities about inch across and other much smaller. Sinus infection occurs when nasal cavities become inflamed, swollen, infected and inflamed. Sinusitis may cause due to various issues.

Cheekbones hold maxillary sinuses, it’s largest. frontal sinuses located at low center of forehead. Between eyes ethmoid sinuses located. In bones behind nose sphenoid sinuses located.

Lined with soft pink tissue known as mucosa. Sinuses normally empty except for a mucus thin layer. Inside nose ridges called turbinates, these structures help humidify and filter air.

Most of the sinuses drain into nose through tiny drainage or channel, it’s known as middle meatus.

Sinus Pressure Points

Pressure Points in Face

  • In Between Eyes
  • Either sides of Nostrils
  • Bridges of Nose
  • Under the Cheeks
  • The Philtrum – actual name
  • Eyebrows
Sinuses Pressure Points in Face

Sinuses Pressure Points in Face

Sinus Pressure Points in Neck & Head

  • Top of the neck
  • Two thumbs apart
Sinus Pressure Point in Neck & Head

Sinus Pressure Point in Neck & Head

Sinuses Pressure Points in Hand

  • The Inner Gate
  • Between The Thumb & Index Finger
  • Finger Tips and Finger Nails
Sinus Pressure Points in Hand

Sinus Pressure Points in Hand

Sinus Pressure Points in Leg and Feet

  • The Toes and Toes Nail
  • Balls of the Feet
  • Upper Outside Shin
Sinus Pressure Points in Feet

Sinus Pressure Points in Feet

Why sinuses important for us – According to studies, sinuses help to humidify or filter air, air we breathe in. It also enhance our voices.

Sinus conditions – Acute Sinusitis, chronic sinusitis, Deviated septum, Hay Fever, Nasal Polyps.

  • Acute Sinusitis – Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses infect cavity and cause inflammation. More mucus, headache, discomfort in forehead, cheeks and around eyes. These are most common symptoms of acute sinusitis.
  • Chronic Sinusitis – Series of infections, CS persistent process of swelling or inflammation of sinuses.
  • Also Deviated Septum – If septum divides nose too far one side airflow can be stuck. Blocked airflow due to deviated septum also a form of sinusitis.
  • Hay Fever also called allergic rhinitis– Allergens (pollen, dust mites, pet dander cause defenses in nose and sinuses to overreact.  Symptoms – Mucus, Nasal stuffing, itching, sneezing
  • Nasal Polyps – Small growth in nasal cavity, it may cause due to nasal allergies, inflammation for asthma, chronic sinus infections.
  • Turbinate Hypertrophy– Ridges on nasal septum enlarged which results block airflow. 

How to Cure Sinus Problem

Sinus Tests

  • Firstly Physical Examination – Doctor check nose with lighted viewers to see turbinates. To check swelling, doctor also check problem by press or tap on face over sinuses to check for pain.
  • CT Scan (Computed Tomography) = Scanner used computer & X-rays to create digital image of sinuses. It’s very useful to diagnose chronic sinusitis.
  • Sinus X-ray – it also may show images to helpful to examine problem associated with bones around sinusitis. But CT scan give better image.
  • Also MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) = Magnetic waves create highly detailed images of sinus problem.
  • Rhinoscopy (Endoscopy) = Doctors use flexible tube with camera on tip to see inside nose and sinuses.
  • Skin tests for allergies
  • Sinus Cultures = Doctors uses a needle to take mucus sample form sinuses.

Sinus Infection Treatment

There are lots of medication & therapies by which sinus problem or sinusitis can be cure like

  • Antibiotics To treat bacterial sinusitis
  • Antihistamines These medicines can reduce sinus or nasal symptoms from allergic rhinitis or allergic problem.
  • Nasal Washes Remove or rinse mucus from nasal cavities as well as sinuses
  • Also Decongestants Medicines to cure on blood vessels in inner nasal tissue constrict. So as a result less congestion, post nasal drip and mucus.  
  • Nasal Saline Spray Help to keep nose moist and help to breaks up or remove dry mucus. Salt water used during nasal saline spray
  • Nasal Steroid Spray Medications which treat tissue swelling and block regrowth of nasal polyps after surgery.
  • Sinus Surgery Improve or correct some sinus issues, helps to remove growths and open blockage

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